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【评论】Dun Huang Mogao Grottoes

2019-04-10 00:00:00 来源:艺术家提供作者:John H. Daniels 

Dun Huang Mogao Grottoes

​--the paintings of Sally Huang Wong

  I have not yet journeyed the Silk Road crossing the deserts and the mountains to stop at the oasis that is Dun Huang; an oasis to refresh the weary traveler not only with its waters, but in the company of a Thousand Buddhas carved and painted over a thousand years, moments of pause and reflection in four hundred and ninety two temples.

  The frescoes are often copied as a rigorous meditative discipline to learn to draw and to paint and to closely examine the wonders of the polychromic compositions. Sally looks deep into the images distilling their structure and sensibilities into the lyrical lines of gesture. Often, the brush strokes have a delicacy and gentle tactility as they lightly graze the campus; they are, however, not intricate fine lines but bold in their width and clear in their intention. The figures are always in motion, even in moments of slumber or meditative calm, motion of thought, motion of memory, motions of journeys as yet to be discovered.

  The dynamic fluidity is most apparent in the horses and in the flowing ribbons. It is the constant movement that leads the viewer from one painting to the next, and references the many cultures and traditions that have contributed to the caves and temples as both source material and as visitor.

  In admiring the past and in recalling histories, mythical, factual, and fictive, the works attempt to move forward with an infectious almost na?ve optimism and enthusiasm for the promises of the future. Often the figures are childlike in their simplicity as Sally attempts to strip bare the characters to their essential qualities and elemental conditions.

  Might it lead from figural representation or re presentation to abstract compositions where the gestural strokes become fields of colour and the paint in its thickness and texture remembers the varied landscapes of the journey and the dim light of the caves. The artist is searching for colours,colours not only of heritage but of emotions,colours that like flowers might bloom only for a moment or last forever.

  And to questions of scale: do small canvases lead to large murals, to small sketches, even collected notebooks of sites only of the imagination and emotion. I look forward to her future work.

  My late father travelled to many places in a long and pleasured life. He never travelled the Silk Road, the Great Caravan Route, a journey he always desired. He would have found pleasure in Sally Huang Wong‘s paintings as do I. The calm refreshment of the oasis is as simple as pausing to step into the stories and the space of a painting. The gift of an artist is to share, and she has shared a great deal.

  David J. Lieberman artist architect

  Professor John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design University of Toronto








  就这样,小小的商旅队伍,带来了一幅大型壁画,以及一张张小草图和一本本充满了想象和情感的见闻笔记。如此,我对Sally未来的作品充满期待。 先父曾在他漫长而又快乐的人生中旅行过许多地方,但他从未经历过这段他总是渴望踏上的伟大的商旅之路。他应该也像我一样,从莎莉的画作中体会到了各中趣味。这片绿洲带来的片刻宁静,就如同进入画中故事里的世界并在其中驻足。艺术家的天赋是分享,事实上莎莉确实与我们分享了许多。

  David J. Lieberman艺术建筑师

  多伦多大学建筑学院景观和设计专业John H. Daniels教授